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Cloud Indexing

904Labs offers a Cloud Indexing Service. Cloud Indexing allows customers to push their documents into the 904Labs cloud and have them indexed by 904Labs. 904Labs Cloud Indexing provides the CPU and the storage required for storing, indexing, and retrieving customers' documents. The service is geared towards larger customers who cannot afford allowing third-party access to their search engine collection, or for smaller customers who prefer having their search index maintained externally.

904Labs Cloud Indexing Service is accessible via two endpoints, which allow a customer to:

  1. Add new documents or update existing ones; POST /update
  2. Delete documents; POST /delete

904Labs Cloud Indexing uses a highly-optimized indexing schema that enables efficient storage of documents and effective retrieval of these. Documents should adhere to this schema.

More information

For more information or questions, please send an email to